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Rabbi, Rabbouni

Rab´i, ra-booh´ni; Heb., “my great one”

A title that took on a meaning of general respect, sometimes with the specific meaning “my teacher.” Some early uses of the term in the OT mean simply “chief” or “officer” (2Kgs 18:17; 2Kgs 25:8). By the NT period, however, the term is used in the more specific sense; it is used in direct address of Jesus as a person of respect or teacher (“Rabbi,” Mark 9:5; Mark 11:21; Mark 14:45; John 1:38; “Rabbouni,” Mark 10:51; John 20:16). In Matthew, only Judas calls Jesus “Rabbi” (Matt 26:25, Matt 26:49), and the other disciples address him as “Lord” (Matt 8:21, Matt 8:25, Matt 14:28, Matt 14:30, Matt 18:21, cf. Matt 23:7-8). Apart from Matthew, Mark, and John, no NT document uses “Rabbi.”